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Ostella's Birdie Mae #20704528


Ostella's Birdie Mae is a heritage mare we are proud to have as a part of our broodmare band.  We call her Diamond, and her bloodlines goes back to Tod's granddaddy's brood stock.  She is a beautiful 5 year old bay and we are anxiously awaiting her first foal with Slim in the spring.





   Temp's Sorrell Beauty # 924379



Temp's Sorrell Beauty is one of our older brood mares.  She a Heritage certified mare by Red Bud's Rascal and out of Temp's Black Jill.  This well bred mare goes back to Merry Go Boy and Go Boy's Shadow.  She is a 15.2 mare that is a dream to ride.  She was Don Templeton's personal riding horse, and he often used her to carry hay and feed to the fields.


Temp's Sorrell Beauty is an aged heritage mare that has provided us with some quality stock.  She is Bud bred on top and Go Boy Shadow on the bottom.  With a little exta pampering we are hoping for another beautiful foal in the spring.





Cash In My Bullet PVF  #20609601



Cash in My Bullet is Penny's sweet mare known as Annie.  She is a beautiful gray mare by Bud's Sterling Bullet and out of Baubles, Bangles, and Cash.  We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of her first foal by Slim this spring.  We raised this mare and she has the best disposition.  From an early age Annie has had to be the center of attention.  As a young filly when we would take visitors out to see our mares and foals, she would have to be in the middle of us wanting to be petted.  This is the first horse I sat Abigail on as a baby, and Annie was always patient.  She will still come up to me in the field for a visit when I stroll and look at our mares.





Baubles, Bangles and Cash #962038



Baubles, Bangles, and Cash is one of our tried and true brood mares.  She is one of our first well breed mares we collected, and she has provided us with numerous great riding offspring.  Cash is a 15 hand chestnut mare who we've successfully bred to Slim as well as Bud's Sterling Bullet.  Her bloodlines go back to Johnny Midnight as well as Pride of Midnight.  Cash is a very loving mare and passes her disposition on to her foals.







Silver Jubilation #20311522



Silver Jubilation is a heritage outcross mare.  She is a beautiful addition to our brood mares.  She is by Buds Sterling Bullet and out of April Jubilation.  Jubilee has a sweet dispostion and great confirmation.  She will be having her third foal by Slim in the spring.